Thursday, September 24, 2009

Deja Vu

The invasion of the football players. They may be small, but they have a tendancy to take over your life. We're feeling very European these days as we eat dinner as a family at 8:30 pm.

I'm feeling very '90's convenience chic as I place the crockpot, rice cooker and bread maker on the kitchen counter tops to do their orchestra of food preparation without me.

The dude in the middle of the picture is Z, #90. Also the only child to be able to take the 90+ heat while wearing long sleeve body armour. He's a real man.

Here's the sweet little 8 year old, K, taking down about three players from the opposing team. By himself. Because he visualizes his older brothers and it gives him THE POWER, that's why.

Here's J, the QB. He has a lot of responsibility this year, which is good for him - it might bring him out of his shell. Do I want him out of his shell? Maybe not,... Bringing the play to the field. Coaches are actually mature enough at this level to contain themselves sort of quietly, at the side lines.

Pass! Before he went down in a crumpled ball of bruises.

Otherwise, it's the same old, same old here in SoCal. Hot. Flu. Fire.
It's happening AGAIN. I watched the DC-10 and various airplanes make drops on the hillside on my run over to meet the family at the football park. Then, woke up dreaming I was camping, only to discover that yes, everything I own that is made of cloth smells like a campfire. Natch, wildfire.

Between that and being hyper cautious because of the flu, this is going to be a looooonnnggg fall and winter. J and S have been psuedo sick. Just enough for me to keep my twitchy doctor calling finger still. Fifi was up all night. Here's to hoping she doesn't vomit during the preschool tour of the Apple Orchard this afternoon.

Monday, September 21, 2009


I'm sorry, I am laughing so hard, I can not type. Please check out this site.

It's now filed in my 'if only Id' thought of that first' drawer, along with the movie rentals and not buying stock in Sprint.

Me, of the birthday-cakes-gone-horribly-wrong set - ("what do you mean you don't know what it is? It's a cake in the shape of an electric guitar!') I am in love. sigh,...

I know, lots has happened,.. I'll blog again someday,.. soon....

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Girl Power!

This weekend was an all girl weekend (okay, except for our next door neighbor. Who's a boy. But he doesn't count, because he lives next door.) OUR boys were all up in the woods foraging for drinking water, carrying freeze dried food and tents and wandering around for three days, all in the name of,... fun.

Now, don't get me wrong. I love to camp. With a cooler that contains my beer so it's nice and cold and my hershey bars so they don't get too melted when the roasted marshmellow is slapped on top of it. And the annual trip to REI? Fun! I like to slip a cute little skirt into the pile of water bottles, new filters, tasty freeze dried astronaut food and additional backpacks. New backpacks are required as the kids get old enough to carry enough stuff on their backs that they do not have to rely on their older brothers' unconditional love and mercy to carry enough food and water for them to stay alive too.

I do own a pair of hiking boots and they do have some marks on them. I am seeing my dog days of hanging out in non-yurts come to an end again since the baby of the house is almost two, and the man who fitted Jared this year at REI told Rob all sorts of wonderous stories about outfitting his clueless three year old and taking her hiking for hours in the forest. Yikes. My only hope is that I can distract Rob with the boys when he asks me that semi-annual question, "doesn't ice camping sound FUN?' If I never own something called a crampon in my life time, I think I might die a happy woman.

So, the girls and I are jam packing all our favorite activities into this weekend while we still can: sugar cookies with pink strawberry frosting and sprinkles baking, pizza making (the girls basically ate all the cheese and olives before it got on the pizza), going out to eat (SOOO much cheaper and easier when you just have three mouths to feed), mall hopping (Disney store princess action figures!), watching girl movies like 'Barbie and the Diamon Castle' to which Fiffi danced the whole time and Beans was riveted to the point I don't think she blinked the entire movie and Oak Glen pet farm frolicking.

I kind of forgot how present I have to be as a parent, since I have the older boys to really rely on every other time. This weekend I had to feed rats and the dog, clean the pool, take out the garbage, and break out fights over new Disney princess action figures myself. No sneaking away to do edits for my article due Tuesday; when the girls were awake, we were all about hanging out. Including eating meals at the little girl table, even if I absolutely didn't fit into any seats.

Posing in Oak Glen, where the Pendleton fire was just last week. The fires really depressed the tourists, which is too bad, this is a big weekend for them. We'll go back to get apples (big apple growing community) and pumpkins and Christmas trees this year.

Tire swing at the new park by the one room school house museum.

Pretending to learn something in the one room school house museum. The school closed in the early 1060's.

Interesting stuff,...

Okay, so this is an old picture taken at football, but it's a cutie.

This is another old pic from the summer when I took the two girls and Jared out shopping for football gear while the other two boys were in vacation Bible school. You can see why all eyes need to be on the girls, no attention can go anywhere else,...

Shopping with the girls. Beans knows the Starbucks sign now and requests to go there for Hot ChaCha.

Walking home from the boy's school a while ago.

Making cookies is a great way to break up a Disney princess action figure fight.

And then later that day we made pizza.


Tuesday, September 1, 2009


While we've all been worried about the flying pig flu (by the time it gets to this house it will have been born again into some sort of new super bug - I am just certain of it) and thinking about equipping ourselves with a certain kind of medically necessitated gas mask, we were surprised by two fires in the area and the need for a different kind of gas mask.

The first fire started this weekend up in Oak Glen, a cute little area that reminds me of Washington if for no other reason it has apple trees. Of course, this was one of the places I had slated to spend Labor Day weekend since the boys of the house are all going on some crazy multi-day camping trip. Nix this idea; there is nothing but charred remains from what the news sources say.

These pics are all from the SECOND fire that started yesterday afternoon about 4pm. Just when we all thought the other fire was containable and had dropped behind the ridge, some evil yahoo started another fire that is burning even closer than the last.

We live next to the regional park which has a resevoir, so the kids have been entertained by helicopters and fire planes all day. It made the morning dog run interesting, but man, my heart goes out to all the people who have been evacuated (good friends who just moved into the area included) and the hard working fire and Red Cross employees. Stater Brothers on Bryant Street was a staging area for many fire workers and trucks. The Community Center is the local emergency shelter. I feel like I'm back in Banda Aceh with all the emergency vehicles whizzing around.

DC-10. There were three flying around at one time; including a 747.

Schools are closed in the district due to poor air quality. Who knew you could have 'fire days'. Snow days, yes. The kids are praying for mudslide days and killer bee days now, too.

Kind of Armegeddony, don't you think?

The power went out for a bit yesterday, too, adding to the feeling of the world ending. But, as California always does, it'll rise like a Phoenix. Now, what to do with five kids when it is 100+ degrees outside and the air quality is so bad that school is closed????