Friday, March 26, 2010

New Favorite Site

So, besides visits from the police and an ambulance (everyone's okay and I'll blog about it when it's humorous to me,.. in about ten years,...) we had a nice spring break.

The best part was getting together with friends and family. Rob's (okay, I'll claim him too) cousin came down with two of his four kids (his AMAZING wife is recuperating from a horrible migraine induced seizure that happened before Christmas and left us all wondering if we'd ever see her again) and we hung out. It's fun getting to know your nieces and nephews over the course of a few days instead of a couple hours each year. I had such a great time and I'm willing to steal them, if they were just small enough to fit in my purse.... my friend's twins that we we hung out with in Palm Springs. Along with friends from that other coast. Simply great. The best part is thinking waaaaaay back (as it were, ahem,..) and remembering loving them as single people before they became a couple.

And then meeting Chickie, who has my NEW FAVORITE SITE! Yes, I can find ways to shop even when I'm at a resort with five kids. My powers of spending money to adorn myself are simply amazing.

Chickie is a great artist who makes jewelry out of antiquey things. Like spoons, chandeliers, old typewriters, etc,.. simply beautiful. So check out her site: Lizzy B's Vintage Found Jewelry.

Friday, March 19, 2010

A Gift from God, .. or a Little Bit Ironic?

Why is it when the babies sleep through the night, the others don't. Instead of: groping for binkies in the crib in the dark of the night, getting a drink of water for someone small, helping the four year old pee, or walking her back to her bed and tucking her in because it's soooo much easier to walk the hundred yards to mommy and daddy's room to ask for the covers than to just reach the six inches to floor to tuck your ownself back in,.. I was doling out fever breaking meds, cleaning projectile cranberry juice vomit (note to self: only serve apple juice to queasy people, so the kitchen doesn't look like a mass murder took place), and tucking bigger people back into beds because they thought it would be fun to sneak a look at 'Ghost Adventures' on the telly five minutes before bedtime,...

I guess I should be thankful that it was one set and not both,.. but once and while, after 13 years with kids? It would be nice to get a full night's rest. Really, I mean it.

Oh, and next time boys? The next time you four go to the Duck's hockey game, can you please bring back bright orange oversized foam hands instead of a virus? Thanks, love mom.

Those hockey games, oh those hockey games. Actually, I should have gone, because with the 3 inch healing cut on my forehead and my two black eyes, I would have fit right in. I heard all about how wonderful the game was - they were so close to the action they could actually see the guy's eyes roll back in his head when he was slapsticked so hard he passed out on the ice!

Check out the video. You can see the big Z and hubby if you look close enough.

The dudes sitting next to them kept trying to make my big Z drink Guiness! (I guess if he's going to be led to a life of crime, at least he's doing it tastefully.) I had no idea they had scantily clad women even out the ice in between plays,.. but now I do. And, I've been told they have nice 'woohoos'. I can only imagine what that means, AND I've added to my vocabulary. All at the same time.

No, instead I celebrated St. Patty's day the So Cal way - take out burritoes from Cuca's and carting some Guiness in my purse for a celebration at my friend's house. Much better than checkin' out some chick's woohoos, if you know what I mean.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

It's a Good Kind of Cancer

Well, the dermatologist's office called last night. They left one of those messages that has sad puppy dog face written all over it. Why don't they just come out and say it - "the biopsy came back positive - please call us so we can schedule to get your face removed." Oh, I kid. Yes, it's basal cell carcinoma and I'm scheduled for some cool innovative Moh's surgery next Wednesday.

There are two good things going on here:
1. If you're going to get a cancer, you should get basal cell. It doesn't spread except to surrounding tissues if it isn't treated. Since this is right between my eyes on my forehead, I'm safe. I have a thick skull (just ask any of my relatives) so I'm protected from further complications.
2. What other surgery can you schedule that prompts the surgical staff to tell you to eat a hearty breakfast? Usually you have to fast forever. Gotta like an opportunity to go to Denny's without feeling guilty, right? The IHOP all you can eat pancake platter? It's for my health,...

I married into a family of cancer: matastized breast cancer, two bouts of colon cancer; liver cancer,.. even mentioning basal cell doesn't seem worth it. It's like I'm hanging out with a bunch of Ironman Triathletes and I tell them I jogged two miles this morning. Kind of pathetic.

It's a good thing it's on my face, or I would probably have ignored it. It's a bad thing it's on my face because you can't ignore it. And I just hope that the surgery doesn't leave any sort of damage. That's me; more worried about how it'll look in the end.

I'm just one in a million with this sort of thing. Gotta go, I've got to visit Costco and stock up on some more sunscreen. And so should you.