Saturday, July 5, 2008

Fourth of July in Fotos

Baby's first sparkler.

This is in the morning when we're all still happy to be around each other. Just kidding. But check out the B's pose. Does Sears & Roebuck still have a catalog?

The "You are NOT my mother" moment before the shrieks. We don't call her the 'Screamin' Ia' for nothin'.

Evidence that Zach did not just eat one hotdog and 347 s'mores at the picnic. He also had a piece of watermelon.

Oh, what she'll learn from her older brothers. I just don't want to think about it,...

To quote Zach, "This was the BEST HOLIDAY of my entire life!" Before he passed out in a heap of 8 year old boy at midnight, smelling of sulfer from all the fireworks he helped light on fire. Man, if I knew I could entertain three boys for so long with $30 worth of flammables, I would have gone down that road a loooong time ago.

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