Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Happy Belated GIS Day

Which was last week, but never mind. It's a big deal at my company and part of the National Geographic Society's Geography Week. Read a little more about it here.

I've had a couple more articles published and you can read about them here. Hopefully these will give you a better idea of my work and how exciting my company and working with our clients can be. Not that staying home with five kids on Thanksgiving break isn't exciting. Trust me.

And the weekend rocked. Although just when we thought we had a place on easy street with no more baseball on Sunday, it was quickly replaced by activities - kind of like air rushing into a vaccum - by a baptism and a birthday party. We also managed to squeeze in movie night with KungFu Panda, which I missed part of with a work call to Australia. At least I can live vicariously through the phone lines.

The big news is Jared's team rocked at the football playoff 2nd game series and he's going to the superbowl. Which maybe not as exciting as it sounds since it's in,.. Menifee. (No slander intended all you Menifites out there.) It does mean we are stuck here in Y-town for the Thanksgiving break. Not so bad, but between baby naps, laundry and football practice, not a lot of time left to do major activities. So, does looking at the pets at Petco count as a fun activity? You bet it does. Welcome to my exciting life
Here's Jared's pass right before he got knocked into next week by these three dudes at the same time. It was like a massive heimlick maneuver - the ball jutted about six feet, Jared laid in a crumpled heap on the field.
Here he is asking the Athletic Director and the coach if he caught the ball. Short term memory is the first to go in a tackle.

Two touchdowns and I have to brave another football game this year.

The fam.

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Teri said...

Yes, braving the game is what I'd be doing. I always hoped my kids wouldn't want to do gymnastics or football, cuz I don't want to watch. They're already doing gymnastics, is football next?
That pre-tackle shot is priceless, so is the one of him walking off the field.
And the family picture is best of all. You are all too good looking!