Monday, June 1, 2009

Happy Monday

I can't spend too much time playing in my favorite sandbox, what with all the whining and carrying on (who knew children demanded so much attention??? Fifi will only go find her shoes so many times before I have to really deal with her).

I've got to do stuff like this today.

Getting ready for the day actually involved getting six people ready for the day. As I was attempting my 3 year-old's fine blond tresses, which gnarl quite nicely, as though her head was a drill bit and she was burrowing into her pillow,... I asked her "Did an owl make a nest in your hair?" To which she looked at me very seriously and responded, "No, I'm not a tree."

Well, duh, mom.

Which reminds me of the last time I was helping at her preschool, pushing this totally cute little boy on a swing. He gave me all sorts of wise words of wisdom, my two favorites by far were:

* "Yeah, my dad's a human."


*"Did you know we are all manimals?"

Here's to a great week, if not a great month!

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