Thursday, August 6, 2009

Happy Birthday, Kyle!

Well, he made it to eight! Congratulations K! Above is the birthday loot. Not sure why it's blurry because I've only had two cups of coffee so far this morning. I shouldn't be shaking yet.

I had to concede that I couldn't carry on with my normal activities AND frost 36 cupcakes for the Junior PeeWee Division I football players, a quadruple layer cake, decorate, make goody bags and wrap presents, so hubby took the five spawn and ventured to football by himself. It was heavenly being able to lick the frosting bowl all by myself.

Why a four layer cake? Because there are 25 kids on the football team. Do you know how many cupcakes you can get out of a cake mix? (I have five kids, I am not baking a cake from scratch. No time to measure.) 24. So, I have t make either 50 cupcakes, or an extra layer for the cake. I decided on 36 cupcakes and a very tall cake. Because you need a large canvas for all the mini oreos, sour gummy worms, regular gummy worms and jelly beans that must go on the birthday cake. I'm surprised that much candy made it on the actual cake, what with the five of them 'helping' to decorate it last night. (Let's just say they sampled all the jelly bellies and can tell you which of the 50 flavors they like best.)

So, today is pretty mellow, besides the sugarblast. Ice cream for breakfast. Candy ladened cake for evening dessert. Poor kid can't open presents until tonight when we are all together. (We're evil that way)

But we're traipsing to Big Bear with some friends on Saturday for jet skiing and attempts at water skiing in VERY COLD water. I will be hanging beach side insisting the babies need me so I don't have to get wet. Then, BBQ at the cabin with a candle in a marshmellow to celebrate.


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Teri said...

Sounds like some great celebrating. And what a cake! How have I never thought of a cake decorated only with candy? It's genius!
Happy Eight Years since Kyle's birth...