Monday, February 22, 2010

The Lost Olympic Sport

Yes, I'm talking about kickball, folks.

Maybe not in Winter, but if we get on the bandwagon now, we might make it for the next Summer Olympics. It's the perfect sport - really, you don't need any real determinable skills to play (check out the photo of me playing) which means that any aged person can play. It's cheap - a playground ball and some plastic cones. You don't need expensive equipment like skiing or snowboarding. You don't need fancy outfits like iceskating (although THAT would be fun - sequins!) You don't need a real strategy (again, the fact that I do indeed get picked to be on a team. Besides the fact that I'm married to a team captain and he'd better pick me or it's the couch for the next month.)

We have a standing date each month with some other (crazy) families to kick each other's kickball booties on the local field. Then we hoof it back to the old homestead to nurse our wounds with a few beers or Caprisuns, depending on the age of the participant. A nice way to spend a couple hours on a Sunday afternoon.

In all honesty, we aren't a civil bunch. We'll take out your child just as soon as give you a welt from the playground ball. Don't say you weren't warned,...

And, really? There is no escape. You play ball before you are allowed egress from 'Kickball Thunderdome' I don't care how cute or young you are. Kick it!

Yeah, I missed the ball. But I tried. I get points for trying.

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