Tuesday, June 29, 2010

My Life is Catalog

Oh, my friend's know me well! Thanks MomColumn!! Check out Catalog Living - a peek inside the lives of people who live in those catalogs - or just decorate like they do. I still have nightmares from living in Idaho and visiting a woman's home who had a house that looked like it stepped out of a catalog - with fake food nestled on the kitchen counters and her children's closets OPEN and absolutely pristine. This is a little Stepford Wife, just like that,...

How's your summer going? I'll update the blog once I have time. What with basketball camp, swim lessons, water polo, the beach, the mountain, the ghost town, the normal sized pool, the small sized pool, quarterback training, sports physicals, sports medicine dr. visits, physical therapy, shopping for food so we have the energy to do all these things, and then, well, sleeping,... I'm sorry, did summer start yet? Isn't it time to relax??

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