Tuesday, July 27, 2010

From the Mouths of Babes

One of life's greatest pleasures is listening to small children completely massacre their native language. We've had some good ones lately:

The B, my four year old loves to eat Rice Crispies cereal. Today she told me they were singing to her: "Crack, snapple, pop." I love a little 'crack' in the morning, too.

Favorite treat? Costco nonfat frozen yogurt from the snack bar. She likes the chocolate/vanilla swirl, which she refers to as 'squirrel.' The 13 year old relentlessly asks her what she wants to eat and can't stop laughing when she tells him she like to eat squirrels.

At night we say prayers together as a family. Sometimes, if the boys are thither and yon, I'll take that opportunity to teach the girls more traditional Catholic prayers instead of our nightly family prayer. The B requests 'Holy Moly' or 'Hairy Mary' otherwise known as the Hail Mary.

She's been watching Monsters v. Aliens quite a bit recently (you know how preschoolers and toddlers watch the same thing over and over and over and over again... gah!) and she loves to act out scenes. Her favorite is calling to the lead character Susan, who for some reason she can not pronounce without interjecting an 'n' so it comes out 'Snusan!'

Massacring language doesn't stop at four, however. We've had the opportunity to live in many different countries, and it is hilarious to hear what people say (as it is for them to hear me say stuff to them, for example, my whole 'chocolate duck' story).

One of the best is the misspelling of my friend Chris's name, so the emails he would recieve would be addressed, "Dear Christ," He's a great person, working for CRS first in Banda Aceh, and now Haiti, but even I wouldn't go that far.

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