Friday, September 14, 2012

How to run Edmonton

Okay, so I feel like a shill because I think I’ve actually gone running only 3.5 times in Alberta (and one of those times was actually in British Columbia), but in those few times I have some observations:

1. Skeeters. Mosquitoes are a pest. But running gives you at least a little respite from the horrible little bugs because they can’t fly as fast as I can run (finally! I’m not the slowest creature on the street!) or if they land on you, they drowned instantly in a pool of sweat.

2. Edmonton is nice and flat. Such a nice change from Yucaipa, California – my recent home - which I think was Native American for ‘uphill both ways.’

3. I can run whenever I want. No more hurrying out the door before 7am or waiting until after 5pm for fear of my thighs rubbing together and creating a spark that bursts my body into flames in the intense of heat of the southern California sun. I can argue with myself for hours before I finally suck it up and head out the door with my iPod.

4. Using “unpacking” as my excuse will only work for so long. And while there are calories to be burned in schlepping 24,000 lbs of personal belongings up and down stairs, it’s an effort that gets old quick. Even quicker than running.

5. The running season – outdoors anyway – is awfully short. Unless I buy crampons for my Nikes. Perhaps I’ll take up cross country skiing. Maybe this is why I rescued a Husky – I knew deep down inside that someday I would need a sled dog to commute to the grocery store.

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