Monday, April 13, 2009

Spring Break Recap

And a little bit of 'pre-break' - this is a totally cute little art project Kyle completed at school.
The poem says:

"My Reindeer"
I made this reindeer with my feet.
Don't ou think he's oh so neat?
Antlers big and black you see,
are just anohter part of ME!
I hope you love the work I've done,
because it was so very fun!

Not to be outdone, the girls also like to do craft projects.

Here are the boys at the basketball playoffs in LA. They got to see the UW Huskies win their game! And they got out of school early (shhhhh,...). I will pay for this by receiving a letter from the school district every two weeks for the next few months tellling me my kids are truants, a bane to society and I need to accompany them to school to ensure they actually show up. Pfffttt. Sorry, I don't read 'truant' between the lines when I see their report cards. Try again school district. I just love being made to feel guilty for trying to enrich my childrens' lives through interesting experiences.

Which prompted Jared to find all his old basketball jerseys and create a living musuem with his sisters. He coaxed them into the shirts by telling them they were dresses. They were none the wiser.

Yep, it's true - The B is in a big girl bed! Can't believe it. And we have taken down the boaster seat. I had to use her seat for Easter dinner for an adult-sized person and am too lazy to put it back on.

Here is evidence of the B at tee-ball - can you believe it?!?!?

But we do have the pink glove that lights up when you smack it. Her coach thought that was interesting.

Fifi enjoyed the chaos.

Then to Six Flags Magic Mountain for Spring Break! Roller coasters galore! Spinning rides! Bumper Cars! But wait,.. first mom wants to ride,... the Carousel???

Oh yeah, that's why!!

Because little girls like it!

Kyle was an awesome big brother and spent hours in Bugs Bunny World accompanying the B on all the kiddie rides.

Here is Kyle in line BY HIMSELF on the puke n' rally. I would NEVER have gone on a ride by myself at the tender age of seven.

Fifi trying to escape the park.,. what else is new,....

And some artsy pics of the girls while we waited for all the boys to get done with rides,...


That's right folks. I was a delinquent and only dyed eggs with the oldest three of the five. Good thing because I almost lost my granite kitchen island to pink egg dye as it was. Hubby had to use the rest of the vinegar to leach it out. Heart attack central.
Now, back to reality,..

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Teri said...

Holy Toledo, it is evident that you are the most fun family in the universe.

But I'm stuck on the reindeer. Those can't be his feet! Hands? I'm so perplexed.