Friday, April 10, 2009

Zoo or bust

Well, we did it. We trekked the one hour journey to the Santa Ana Zoo. And the 2 1/2 hour journey back. So, basically I went to Seattle on the way there, but had to come back from Portland, Or. That's how my mind works. What's up with that? Why is home so much farther away when you want to go to it? Forget the fact that I got on the freeway one exit after the exit I was looking for and ended up in,.. Disneyland,... I'm sure there are people who would argue I'm kind of in Disneyland all the time anyway.

But we got there unscathed. Sabrina was all about hangin' with the 'boyz' and so not about being seen with her mother. Already a teenager at the tender age of three.

Zach kept muttering to us all how excited he was to see the 'tyto alba' and the 'nyctea scandiaca' the whole time, making us guess what they were. Those are the scientific names of a Barn Owl and Snowy Owl. Yes, I already bring the IQ level of my house down, by merely existing.

The Big J is a texting fiend ("I only texted 50 times today!") and I am so enraptured to see how all this technology is changing the face of friendship and childhood connections. For example, while we were at the Zoo he is texting his dad so they can make jokes about my driving skills, viewing movies from his friend who was building a bigger bike jump ramp at the park with a shovel and a mound of dirt, and taking pictures of our adventure at the Zoo and sending them to dad and friends. And I thought I was a multitasker? My fervent need to do everything at once probably started about the same time and I hate to think what kind of monster I would have become if I had the social networking capabilities at my disposal like my son.

Not to be outdone by the 12 year old, I took pics and posted them to my Facebook page, used my maps app on my brand new iPhone to find my way to the Zoo, then to the nearest Starbucks when we were done. I did use my old fashioned mommy skills to find Slushies on the way home. I already feel like I multitask enough with five kids in a public venue and don't want to wander down that dangerous path of texting and posting while driving at high speeds. (AHEM husband).

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GUESS ME said...

Wow! Jared into being a mobile freak... I can't even get Alexander to turn 'ON' his mobile so he can read the SMS I left earlier on, and as well I can tell him I am running late for pick-up.

But don't you worry, I have the share of the nightmare with technology.

Alexander may not be into the mobile phone BUT he's definitely an addict to his school laptop!