Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Happy,.. er,.. Irrelevant Holiday!

Yep, it's that time of the year when we get to eat all sorts of yummy fall foods,.. turkey, cranberries, pumpkin guts,.. it's almost Thanksgiving! So you know what that means,... I'd better post some Halloween pictures before they become totally irrelevant. Nothing like getting down to the wire,...

We started the holiday in grand tradition by going to the local pumpkin patch. Between figuring out how to squeeze the visit between football practice and games for three boys, and making sure the pumpkins weren't green mush by the time Halloween rolled around, it was an orchestration of scheduling.

After finding Jared at the culmination of his school sponsored (but parent funded - there's a recession, you know) fishing trip to the regional park, we headed to the patch with about 55 minutes of pickin' time before the scarecrows start to give you the ol' evil eye to get the heck out of the shrubbery. Even farmers want to eat dinner at a relatively normal hour. (Did I blog this already? It's been so long, I forget,...) Well, we got lots of cool pumpkins, played some mean football in hell, I mean, Thermal, California and hosted the annual 'Silly Chili and Halloweenies' at the homestead.

The fam. Notice the Paul Bunyan and his real axe. Also notice the ghillie suited kids. Oh, you can't find them? Yes, I did a good job. Tinker Bell. The unicorn, and me, showing my horns.

Here are the son and daughter of the original Thing 1 and Thing 2.

Now you know what I mean. (Isn't that CUTE??!!?!?! Wen, I got some cushions that could use some covering, if ya know what I mean,...)

The crazed clan. We had a great time. Boys trick or treated for about an hour, came home for sustenance and then went back out to jump out of bushes. The girls did great. Fifi figured it all out and had a blast. We have enough candy to last us until, .. well,.. next Halloween.

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Teri said...

Great costumes. Love yours especially (though Paul Bunyan is a close second with a read axe) - we all need opportunities to show the horns. Looks like so much fun. You do Halloween up right!