Sunday, November 21, 2010

Who's Kid is That?

Sorry I haven't posted in a while - lots of serious stuff going on - deaths and sicknesses and kids with broken limbs. Not too much to poke fun at, but we're coming out of that, don't worry. There is always a laugh at the end of the tunnel.

Halloween was a fantabulous time, even if the 13 year old fractured his femur the day before. He has some nice friends - they came and hung out with him even though he couldn't limp very far. He was just new to his crutches ("crunches" as his four year old sister calls them.) so he hadn't built up the speed or agility for limping door-to-door swinging a pillow case full of candy for a long period of time. What was worse was the fact that he had on a banana costume - so everyone just thought his crutches were props.

The girls had it all figured out this year and I can see a glimmer of hope that soon - maybe even next year - I will be meandering at the sidewalk while they take themselves to the door to trick or treat. I might not even have to yell "did you say thank you?" from the street.

And hat's off to my good friend - who is still able to dress her entire family in a theme - including her husband!!! So she and her two cutie girls were flowers and her husband was a bee. Ehem. Wasp. Macho wasp. My favorite quote of the evening was listening him explain to everyone who commented on his great costume that "Oh, I'm not a bee! Actually, I'm a wasp,.." Righttt,...

I guess my other friend dressed her husband up as a care bear. I'm still waiting for the blackmail pictures. I love having friend with cajones, and I'm not talkin' about the guys,..

We are now in the holiday tempest - frosted sugar cookies in the shapes of leaves have been baked and we're collecting baking items for the rest of the holiday fare - fudge, santa cookies, candy cane cookies, Chex mix,.. Oi.

Before this week of relaxation (made doubly relaxing because I have no desire to drag five kids including one on crutches anywhere besides the required physical therapy sessions) we had parent teacher conferences. I thought elementary conferences were tough enough - but middle school is so far taking the cake. (Can't wait for high school).

Parents hadwer all week, Monday through Friday, to hoof it to the middle school and meet with the teachers, who were set up at tables in the library and gym, and get the low down on their seventh or eighth grader. It's set up like speed dating, complete with a rating (A - F) at the end.

Sounds quick and easy, right? Wrong. It took me two afternoons and a total of 2 1/2 hours to talk to all my 13 year old's teachers. The kid is great; just ask his teachers. After they all had the same thing to say to me - "He's so polite," "He's so contientious," "He's one of my favorites, such a delight in class". All I could do was double check their roster - did they have the correct child?

Because that's not the creature that barrels through my doors at 2:20pm every weekday afternoon. Wow.

And instead of me telling the teachers all about my beloved babes - "He's shy," "She loves to read" etc,... They were telling me things: "I think it's great that J wants to be an engineer!" (He does?) How can someone spend so much time with a person and not even know them? Teenagers are definitely a new experience. Lord, give me strength.

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