Monday, January 19, 2009

I am not alone,...

Love this. And I think it qualifies as a post, even though I didn't put any thought into it,.. right? If you provide a link to a post, does it qualify for a post? If a tree falls in the forest,...? And I have to mention that I found this wonderful post by visiting my usual 'I've worked 20 minutes, time to take a blog reading break!' pad.

And I love this making dinner post because I'm tired of seeing that everyone else but me has over 500 friends on facebook, has written some damn book, looks like their highschool weight in all their profile pictures, has funny yet poignant things to say about ALL their children,... Phew. Happy Monday!

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Teri said...

Aw geesh - do you really WANT 500 friends on facebook? Too much to keep up with. Just stick with the really obscure friends you make at Protestant MOPS who beg you to run races and wave goodbye when you go overseas and then wish you could live in the same town - those are the best friends! Plus, that friend never manages to thaw meat ahead, can't lose the last 10 pounds, and is really grateful for other "down to earth" friends. Not that I don't understand feeling like you describe. Lemme send you a link to the blog that makes me feel like a troll and you can sympathize with me, too!