Sunday, January 25, 2009

So Tired of That Grandparent Guilt

Just  kidding.  Here are some pictures from the B's big 3 birthday party, in no particular order, because I can't figure out to move stuff in Safari on the big, bright Apple Santa left us for Christmas (And I'm not talking the Braeburn variety).

So, the first is Sabrina dressed in all her finery as Princess of the Party. (note the fab shoes with maraboa, now maybe she won't destroy my closet looking for all my sparkly party shoes.)
I think her siblings had more fun playing with her birthday toys than even she did,..

Kyle finds it's tough to please everyone all the time. 

The fifth child has to make do with the Hallmark sticker from the birthday card. Poor Fifi,..

And an empty cup.

Daddy has to see if the fisher price heart monitor really works, it's that engineer in him, he just can't turn it off.

I don't think this one really works,. however,..

The B is at the height of her 'me do it' phase and insisted on reading the card from Grandma Z HERSELF, dang nab it. it whatever language that was.

Really, does it get any better than watching the excitement of a preschooler opening presents? This is the apex. We're enjoying it!

The major loot!

Fifi enjoying her cake.

Jared enjoying using the Barbie plate and cup,. what are sisters for, anyway?

The cake! I went easy on myself and shamelessly bought decorations for the Dora cake. We'll try next year for word's ugliest birthday cake.

The big THREE year old. 


Teri said...

Three! She's such a pretty little three year old! Love seeing how the boys get into her stuff with her.
Fantastic cake! Yeah, put off the prizewinning for another year.

mom2threepks said...

FYI-BLogger works better on firefox with a mac. To move pictures around, the easiest thing I've found is to go into the edit HTML mode and cut and paste the picture HTML into the spot in the blog post where you want it.