Monday, May 18, 2009

It's True, I'm Alive

Sorry for not posting. I do exist. It's been a fun filled month of activities and some day I'll put up some pictures so you can share too.

We celebrated Easter, the 9 year old's First Communion, my much older Hubby's 41st birthday (I was a child bride) , the 3 year old's first haircut, and the usual field trips, home work completions, work day endings, weekend survivings of every other red blooded American family.

We traded 14 baby rats for one 'Dumbo' rat (they have slightly bigger ears than your average rat) - and this is the reason I probably no longer balance the check book in our household. The new rat's name is Peanut and she is the 7 year old's. (his other rat met an untimely demise playing with Jane, the big dog. Total accident and unfortunately a possibility when you raise both prey and predator in the same household).

We are nearing the end of school which means I'm frantically searching for activities for children.

We are NOT, dear relatives, driving to Washington this summer. Fifi needs about one more year before I will complete another 2 to 3 day trip with her trapped in a confined space. Especially after experiencing Claim Jumper with her during Hubby's birthday celebration - where she whacked her 9 year old brother on the head and made him cry (this boy is a football player,.), bit the heads off crayons like the Ozzy Osborne of the toddler set she seems to be, and refused to eat anything we offered her accept my filet mignon. Of course.

YOU can come visit us. We live near lots of cool things like Disneyland and Vegas. We have a pool. We are a virtual resort in ourselves. The door is open!

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Supermom said...

That is soooo funny Karen!! Oh the joys of going out to eat! I will gladly hang with you this summer. We could swim at each other's houses or hit the beach together. It's been forever since we have seen each other anyway!!