Thursday, May 21, 2009

And just like that I was a pre teen mother

You're lucky to get a post at all today, what with my 12 year old all but sending me to my bed with a cold compress this morning. The last straw was the fumes from the 'goof off' (how appropriate a name, surprised I haven't used it before..) that was used to wipe the spray insulation off everything my little boy touched, just like King Midas, but without the big payoff, as it all turned STICKY. My granite counters, my hand made Balinese teak dining table, my good knives, his sister,... All for saving an egg. You see, today is 'drop an egg from the top of the school and pretend we're doing science' at the ol' public school this morning. I'm kidding - I think it's great and for better or worse, hubby got into the act, because it involves engineering. Somehow. I'm not sure if he and his buddies asphalted eggs when they were bored in concrete lab during college or what, but he was fascinated enough to trekk to the hardware store the night before the project was due and grab all sorts of toxic chemicals.

The deal was to protect a raw egg in a sandwich bag with enough material, but being as light as possible, so that it would survive a fall from 12 feet. First they filled the sandwich bag with the egg and the asphalt, balanced it on 2 beer bottles and placed it in front of a fan to dry the foam. I left them at 10pm after learning Glambert didn't win Idol. Whatever,... No go. by 6am the next morning the 12 year old was being shook awake to try again - this time, a huge mound of foam covered plastic wrap spread precariously on my table and covered another egg. It dried just in time for him to hack a piece of foam covered egg, stuff it into a swollen sandwich bag and be whisked to school. It was at that point, as I was pouring goof off on every non-porous surface, gathering snack for preschool and finding my play shoes, since I had to help out that morning in the class, that my migraine blossomed like some sort of evil, dark flower. I'm doing better; I just feel like one eyeball is blown out and I'm nauseated, but I took a nap with the B, so I feel better.I just have to make it through taking care of five kids and schlepping them to the B's open house at school this evening with no hubby.

The other reason I feel like surrendering to a cold, dark place? I had parent orientation at the middle school - I have a kid who is supposedly old enough to pick his own electives. Gads. And I was impressed - he's picking a competitive elective where he has to write an essay. This elective is supposedly for kids who are interested in going to 4 year university - it prepares them. I think he' s just interested because last year the kids went to the Rosebowl. Living in So Cal does have it's perks.

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