Thursday, January 21, 2010

Game Night: Not Rated E for Everyone

Where was I,.. oh yeah, "what I did for Christmas vacation."

So, one of the things that Grandma loves to do (and so do we, but we live with the little monsters, so we know how things will end up) is play games. Not mind games or anything scarey - we're talking Memory, Pictionary, you get the drift. This time around we tried CatchPhrase and Scrabble.

First, I was totally impressed with the eight year old. This is the kid who has been in special programs since he was two years old because his mind works a bit differently than the rest of us. He was great with guessing what words you are trying to yell clues about before the buzzer goes off. GREAT.

I also found out that he knows exactly what he's doing. Yes, when I yelled my clue that "this is how Kyle usually wears his shirts," he instantly said, "inside out!"

So, when the kid gets married with his shirt on backward, pants unzipped (sans underwear, mind you), one sock on and one sock off and shoes on the wrong foot - he will have done it on purpose.

Then, we naively switched to Scrabble. Which went well, until the boys realized you could make all sorts of bathroom words,. .if you had the right bowels. I mean vowels. (snicker).

Later that night, the big J was wrestling with a few last letters and we came up with 'eta' - which I'm sure is some sort of greek word (I was in a sorority, it sounds familiar,..give me another beer and I might remember,...). Hubby came back from whatever errand he was running and exclaimed - 'you mean ATE?' Oh yeah,.. that too. I guess that seals the deal. Kyle isn't the only one whose mind works in mysterious ways.

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Teri said...

Laughing at bowels and vowels and ETA and ATE.
Glad you guys are all having a good time over there.