Thursday, January 14, 2010

Help for Haiti

I am riveted to TV, tweets, radio, FB,.. and I know you are too. Don't just be an armchair quarterback. Even the littlest bit helps.

Some links:

CRS. Yes, I'm biased. I can tell you first hand that all but a little of that money goes to the people it's intended for,..(the rest goes for very small salaries, and overhead)

Some of my favorite sites are doing their part - like Cakewrecks. is another favorite NGO of mine - and HQ'd in Portland, user of GIS software, .. what's not to love? Why not shower them with donations,... , HQ'd across the pond is another amazing organization.

There are many. Pick your fav and donate.

Kudos to the geospatial community as they come together to assist the emergency responders, and I know, the rebuilders later, to see the land, the assets, the people, and coordinate efforts to the best of everyones' abilities. Here is a great list of organizations and resources, by no means exhaustive by Vector 1 Media, one of my favorite sites to write for and read since it deals with using GIS for sustainable living - something that is so important. Everyone deserves food, water, shelter and safety. Understanding the earth and our connectedness is so important in ensuring this happens.

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Teri said...

Thanks for the links - I went through your site to get to CRS - seemed fitting, somehow.