Thursday, March 4, 2010

It's a Good Kind of Cancer

Well, the dermatologist's office called last night. They left one of those messages that has sad puppy dog face written all over it. Why don't they just come out and say it - "the biopsy came back positive - please call us so we can schedule to get your face removed." Oh, I kid. Yes, it's basal cell carcinoma and I'm scheduled for some cool innovative Moh's surgery next Wednesday.

There are two good things going on here:
1. If you're going to get a cancer, you should get basal cell. It doesn't spread except to surrounding tissues if it isn't treated. Since this is right between my eyes on my forehead, I'm safe. I have a thick skull (just ask any of my relatives) so I'm protected from further complications.
2. What other surgery can you schedule that prompts the surgical staff to tell you to eat a hearty breakfast? Usually you have to fast forever. Gotta like an opportunity to go to Denny's without feeling guilty, right? The IHOP all you can eat pancake platter? It's for my health,...

I married into a family of cancer: matastized breast cancer, two bouts of colon cancer; liver cancer,.. even mentioning basal cell doesn't seem worth it. It's like I'm hanging out with a bunch of Ironman Triathletes and I tell them I jogged two miles this morning. Kind of pathetic.

It's a good thing it's on my face, or I would probably have ignored it. It's a bad thing it's on my face because you can't ignore it. And I just hope that the surgery doesn't leave any sort of damage. That's me; more worried about how it'll look in the end.

I'm just one in a million with this sort of thing. Gotta go, I've got to visit Costco and stock up on some more sunscreen. And so should you.


Baby-Mama Runner said...

Karen - I know what you mean about it being a "good kind of cancer" but it is still kinda sucky to hear the c word with your name attached to it. My Father-inlaw had a Mohs procedure this week for a basal cell on his nose and it went really well. Eat your hearty breakfast and bring a good book. There's a lot of sitting around waiting for test results. I'll be praying for you! I bought my very fair red head some expensive sunscreen this week hoping she will actually use it!!!!!!!!

Teri said...

Ugh with the sunscreen again! Just jokin'. You're a good source to hear it from.
Enjoy that pancake breakfast and I'll pray it goes great and heals perfectly!

Boise Wiebers said...

Good to hear it's the 'good kind' of cancer. I pray all goes well for you and that children no longer go running from the 6' tall, 3-eyed monster. (You are tooooo funny!)