Friday, March 26, 2010

New Favorite Site

So, besides visits from the police and an ambulance (everyone's okay and I'll blog about it when it's humorous to me,.. in about ten years,...) we had a nice spring break.

The best part was getting together with friends and family. Rob's (okay, I'll claim him too) cousin came down with two of his four kids (his AMAZING wife is recuperating from a horrible migraine induced seizure that happened before Christmas and left us all wondering if we'd ever see her again) and we hung out. It's fun getting to know your nieces and nephews over the course of a few days instead of a couple hours each year. I had such a great time and I'm willing to steal them, if they were just small enough to fit in my purse.... my friend's twins that we we hung out with in Palm Springs. Along with friends from that other coast. Simply great. The best part is thinking waaaaaay back (as it were, ahem,..) and remembering loving them as single people before they became a couple.

And then meeting Chickie, who has my NEW FAVORITE SITE! Yes, I can find ways to shop even when I'm at a resort with five kids. My powers of spending money to adorn myself are simply amazing.

Chickie is a great artist who makes jewelry out of antiquey things. Like spoons, chandeliers, old typewriters, etc,.. simply beautiful. So check out her site: Lizzy B's Vintage Found Jewelry.

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Lizzy B vintage found jewelry said...

Karen-it was great to meet you yesterday! You were so calm & collected, no one would know you had 5 cute kids! I love your blog-can't wait to read more posts. Hope to see you in SD.