Sunday, April 11, 2010

Bridges in La Tana

The road on the way to La Tana, Guatemala.
A mango seller in Antigua.

The FlatIron group in Guatemala ready to build something!

Well, the hubby is down in Guatemala for two and a half weeks managing the building of a bridge in La Tana, Guatemala. La Tana is a two day drive from Antigua. He is leading a team from his company working with Bridges to Prosperity, an NGO that builds bridges all over the world.

These are pictures sent by one of the NGO workers to give hubby a lay of the land before they get there. The first three are from one of the engineer's wife, a registered nurse who is travelling with the group (thank goodness she is there!)j. I 'm still here stateside, taking care of our small brood of needy children.
Hubby's team will be staying in the concrete building, a clinic- they will set up tents to sleep in so they are protected from mosquitoes. They are all taking anti malarial medicines while they are there, as well. He contracted malaria while we were in Indonesia. So did our 4 year old, who was just one at the time, it's a scary disease. The disease kills 1 million people a year.
They have also been advised to take pepto bismal each day to help with the ol' not so clean conditions with the food. They are bringing in a cook from a larger village to feed them. I'm pretty sure that's why food is so spicy in tropical countries - to kill the bad things in the food. We've survived lots of places; eating shish tewok off of old dirty tables and sharing Sheesha pipes
(okay, that was just me) in the Khan in Cairo, eating all sorts of road side vendor foods in the Philippines and Indonesia,.. and the only time we had any trouble was when we visited a 5 star resort in Egypt. The big J, Z and I all contracted amoebas. Nothing like being pregnant and running poop samples to the local lab while setting up a surprise party for your spouse,..Such fun. Then, trying to figure out if the medication I was perscribed was going to have an ill effects on baby #3. Yes, fun times. So, getting back to someone other than me, I think hubby will be okay with the eating and malaria issues.
Their supplies made it into the country and passed customs and they are well on their way. I don't know how much more I'll hear from anyone, since they are literally, in the middle of the jungle. If I hear anything, I'll keep you posted.


Boise Wiebers said...

I pray Rob will stay safe and healthy and that you will remain safe, healthy, and sane. :)

Teri said...

I'll be praying too - for their group as well as you at home.

I've been to Antigua! Fun memories. Kevin and I went to Spanish school there before heading into the jungle with a group of college students. I remember a LOT of shots and many pills as well.