Thursday, February 24, 2011

Eat Healthy for Free! (Kinda,..)

I just found out that NBC is creating a cool new show about opening 'America's Next Great Restaurant.' Aptly named 'America's Next Great Restaurant' one of the judges on the show is the founder of Chipotle Restaurant. I love Chipotle. Why? Because they are YUMMY. They are FAST. They serve BEER. And they are healthy - trying to serve organic food as much as they can - someday the market will actually support their endeavors so you don't have to be faced with a placard apologizing that their chicken that day isn't free range because they ran out. We'll get there, folks.

As an advertising campaign (this is genius, in my mind) they are offering a buy one get one if you watch their 90 minute promo. I'm a big lover of the Food Network and all their crazy food shows because I could never be that creative. And I am a big lover of the Food Truck culture - bringing eclectic, yummy food to the masses. Our only food truck where we live is the Kool Kactus, but I can deal with that. They are great. Not only do they have the best fish tacos ever, but yummy spinach enchiladas. I know, sounds gross, eh? But don't knock it til you've tried it.

Okay, I'm running out of time, gotta get ready for a full day of preschool fun that involves sushi, ballet, tap, and tumble bus, all before noon.

Go here to learn more about the offer.

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