Friday, February 18, 2011

You are Where Live

I posted here about a great new app my company created that can be used by - yes ADULTS and children alike - (ask your child to help you out, it is 21st century technology,..)

Okay, even if you haven't honed your skills on that app, here is an even simpler one and one that you can play with and fret about for hours on end,...

Because, just like we are what we eat (and today I am a stack of Thin Mint cookies, thanks a lot evil girl scouts,..) we are also where we live.

Did you know that where you live has an effect on whether or not you have a heart attack? Just listen to Bill Davenhall, one of the people I get to work with, as he addressed a TED conference (cool innovative conferences that have people like THE NAKED CHEF and last only a few minutes each, for those with Adult onset ADD, like myself.):

And it is perhaps not the fault of childhood innoculations, but instead where you live, that is attributable to autism. Here is one of many articles,.. and another,...

And while you should weigh every opinion and fact, it is always best to be equipped with the most information possible, right?

That's where this fun little app comes in handy - it's free and can help you find out what toxic chemicals and other risk factors are knocking at your door. Then, it goes a step further and helps you save and keep track fo this information so you can bring it up at your next doctor's visit. I use this as frequently as my iPhone migraine headache and blood pressure logs.

Let's see what wonderfulness I am harboring due to my place history. And I am the perfect person for this, since I have lived in a lot of places in my 40-ish years. This map is not including outside of the U.S.

So, go here and map out your place history.

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