Friday, February 15, 2008

When the Going Gets Tuff,...

... Go to Disneyland. We did.

Can't really see them, but this is Hubby and B after driving the cars at Authopia:

Yes, this could have been taken anywhere. This is 2 month Sophie sleeping in the stroller. I forgot the baby carrier. Woops.

Awake and wondering, "Where the heck am I now,.."

The boys loved the 'coasters.' They were all really, really nice to me because I had the get on the ride with no wait card and could take one lucky small person with me. (The 'ol baby switcheroo so everyone has fun at the happiest place on earth.)

Sabrina loved the Enchanted Tikki Room (boys and I are all sighing in relief that Hubby now has someone else to take there every time we visit) and the parade.

Sophie liked all the snacks she got on the rides. I must say that nursing while trying to shoot space aliens in the Buzz Lightyear ride does nothing to improve your score.

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Teri said...

High five on the Buzz nursing! I love that photo of you, Rob, and the girls on the ride. You're all dang cute!