Thursday, February 28, 2008

Universe v. Karen: Take 2, 341

Alright already.

Hotwater heater is broken. Bright side? We can upgrade to a bigger one now that we have lots of people needing to be cleaned. Also, new water heater is much cheaper than finding leaking pipes in the wall.

Dishwasher didn't drain again. Hubby has found a little piece of plastic in the line. Now we just have to get out.

Car? Still in the shop. Sigh,...

And the real kicker? The nice family who loved Sandy the Guinea Pig while we were gone were slated to bring Sandy home to the 8 year old this Saturday. I got a call that Sandy kicked the bucket. Two days before being brought back to her little boy! Good grief. Now what do I do? Do I tell him the truth or do I circumvent the tears and buy him a new one, passing it off as Sandy? What do I say? "Oh, you haven't seen Sandy in a year,.. she WAS black, don't you remember?" Or, "Didn't you know, guinea pigs turn albino as they age. That's why she's all white." or better yet, "Yes, guinea pigs are part of the frog family and sometimes their sex changes. So, now Sandy is a boy! Totally normal! Didn't you know that?"


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