Friday, May 9, 2008

A Bicycle Built for Two,.. And Danger Boy

Continuing in the spirit of 'Christmas Throughout the Year', we continue to uncover as yet unpacked items in our garage. C'mon, we're only going on month five of being the house,... Hubby found Kyle's bicycle wagon we scored in Boise, Id. and took it for a warm up ride around the block. Sabrina thought it was pretty cool.

We also have a baby seat for the bikes,.. * somewhere * that I'm not allowed to use on my bike because I have balance issues. Bikes scare me. I hate to ride them in the street because people will see me. For this reason, I'll never own a convertible. I don't like to be so 'out-there.' I have issues, I know.

But this little kiddy - wagon, I think it could possibly help my biking, as it would keep me upright. Don't cha think? Or perhaps I should just stay on the ground and take pictures.

Then there's DangerBoy. Who will do anything. The boys are insisting they want to do BMX, but being the cheap, exhausted parents we are, hubby took them into the hills near our house. Which was quite enough thank you very much. Little DangerBoy had to push his bike up the bigger hills and the other two couldn't feel their legs by the time they peddled home. I had a lovely afternoon of NO BOYS in the house. Aahhhh,.. contentment. The boys can't believe I could ever do anything like that. And the last time I did try we had driven up into the bigger hills near our house, dropped off Jared and hubby and a couple friends, drove down to our meeting point, I struggled three bikes off the top of the Suburban, hooked the front wheels back in, clipped on helmets, mounted the bikes, then 25 yards in DangerBoy hit a large rock, sprang off the bike via the handlebars headfirst into a burbling brook and got a bloody nose. So we trudged back to the car where the boys climbed rocks and trees and ate snacks for the next hour where we waited for the rest of our party to emerge from the woods.

But I used to mountain bike as one of our friends, my witness, testified to the 11 year old, who still to this day does not believe I can do anything but stand around holding a baby in one hand and a latte in the other.

But, we got happy kids, and that makes it all worth it.

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