Friday, May 2, 2008

Ack. I had the flu yesterday. What is up with my immune system? First pink eye and now this. Could it be my lack of sleep, oh little nine-pound wonder? I think so. After yet another night of up every other hour, even hubby is begging me to wean the babe. It' s time. She's developed some nasty habits, thanks to me. Now it's time to break them, if for no other reason, to regain some sanity here.

On the other hand, perhaps I'm livinig my own personal biblical plague scenario. Yucaipa seems to have hatched the world's largest fly population and they all seem to be hovering on the overhang of my front entry-way. Thank goodness for the industrial fans in the TV room and the bedroom fans hubby installed - with all that swirling wind the flies congregate in specific no-wind zones, like the little area between the 'office' and the kitchen and my bathroom.

What I'd give for some of that poison they sold in Indonesia that would KILL BUGS DEAD on impact; none of this granola spray that makes them dizzy we seem to have here in America. I mean really, what good are flies? I know we need bees for the flowers (I did see Bee Movie, you know), but flies? Can't worms eat all the dead things? And some beatles? Can't we put flies on the endangered list?

I came home on Wednesday to my bedroom window forgottenly left open and no less than 500 flies in the house. Which gave visions of The Amittyville Horror, but I think their house had less dust.

And then that night - freezin' cold! I mean, this is Southern California - I expect to be wearing tank tops now, and not my freshly-dry-cleaned-so-I-can-put-them-away-for-the-summer wool sweaters. I'll take that as the frogs falling from the sky, or the lightening. So far no boils, but I did sprout a pimple and I think at my age, that is ridiculous, if not a little unfair of life.

Some housekeeping - I inadvertently called hubby's sister Deanna his cousin. I was thinking about Murphy and wrote cousin. I don't have time for proofing or spell check and lack of sleep makes writing things that make sense a challenge, so sorry about that. I'll add the link to their blog on my page so everyone can see the happy family, but in the meantime you can check out their blog here.

Also, and I should have put this at the top, but here it is, Paul and Sarah's 3D pictures of little Andrew, the next cousin to be born into the Richardson tribe. Amazing, isn't it? Almost feels like I've met him!!

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