Friday, May 16, 2008

The Return of Roksosa??

So hubby got a call from Pak Goreng (our friend Chris Frey) yesterday. Chris was the one responsible for our trip to Indonesia and is still over there building houses and infrastructure and generally probably staying out of trouble by just the skin of his teeth. We miss him and our life there dearly, but we're also thankful that we're back here in the U.S. We're giving a presentation a bunch of crazy kids at Church in a couple of weeks and it's been fun to think about all the insanity of the last year and a half. (If you didn't know we all went temporarily insane and went to help rebuild after the Indian Ocean tsunami go here. I promise you will laugh at our insanity)
Anyway, Chris has been back to an island call Nias where Hubby and Chris had travelled to scope out some work when Hubby was still in Indonesia. (I had since left with the four kiddos and one in the oven to nest back in the states). Now, for the most part, this area of Sumatra, Indonesia has been cut off from the rest of the world because of stringent Islamic law and civil warfare. Islands off the mainland even more so (Nias is Christian, actually).
When Hubby went to visit Nias that first and only time, he was followed by a group of kids in one of the villages they stayed in. They lurched behind him like frankenstein and called him 'Roksosa' which is Indonesian for 'giant.'
Chris went back to Nias and that same village. While there he saw some kids and heard them talking about 'roksosa' again. Chris asked one of the CRS employees there, who is Indonesian and can translate to english what the kids were talking about (Hi Florentino!) and Florentino said they were saying Chris was the 'friend of Roksosa and wondering if Roksosa would come back.'
Gotta be great to be a legend.

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