Monday, December 15, 2008

Dear Diary,

I am sure I'm insane after my day of attempting to gift wrap presents with the assistance of an independent two year old (ME DO IT!!!!!), a one year old (AAAAAAAAHHHH!) and a three month old puppy (insert sounds of ripping paper, the noise of 300 feet of curling ribbon being galloped across kitchen tile, chewing noises as dog tries to eat sticky scotch tape, you get the drift. Can'tcha just hear it?) Me? Not the model of efficiency today as I wrapped about 2 1/2 presents before I gave up and did so many loads of laundry I can not even count that high. But dang nab it, the kids have clean underwear again. I even washed bed linens.

It was so nasty outside -what with the pelting rain and the 40ish degree temperature, I didn't dare drag my darlings made of sugar out into the elements. All you dealing with ice and snow and teen degree weather, I'm sorry. But this is California and I yam what I yam. Brrr.

The worst part? I'm nursing the end of a cold and I always get the 1-900 voice about this time. Which might be cute for a few jokes, but I honestly can barely talk. And let me tell you, there is nothing worse than being a mother of five without a voice! No power to yell. Either a raspy whisper eminates from my lips, or I sound like an adolescent boy as my voice cracks and I try to screech orders at everyone. Doesn't really work. I think loosing your voice as a mother might be worse than going blind. Without the voice, I can see everything happening, but I am at a loss for how to stop it in its tracks. It's kind of like living that dream everyone hates - you know, when you show up in public without any clothes on? Well, being a mother and not being able to talk is worse. Trust me.

Well, tomorrow is a new day. I'll go suck on some lemons and drink some tea in hopes my voice comes back to put order in this household.


Teri said...

You're right! The voice problem is like a bad dream. Better be blind and pretend all is well in the world. Well, blind and deaf, maybe. You could just yell and yell and assume someone will listen.

I deeply admire you for trying to gift wrap. All our purchases are tucked away on the pot shelf in our room. I'll probably get 'em down around the 24th.

Laura said...

Yeah, thank you soooo much for leaving me a comment on my blog, I'm so happy to know another mommy to 5. I'm excited to see you look "normal" and well adjusted! Your children are adorable, I look forward to keeping up with your blog as an inspiration!!!

mom2threepks said...

Sorry about the voice. I lost my voice a the end of my clinical rotation. As it came back I sounded horrible! Can you imagine a doctor asking about a critically ill heart patient and the student nurse answering in a voice from the tuberculosis ward? It was lovely, just lovely! And I sooooo hear you ont he laundry. It is everywhere in my house. Se my blog for proof...

GUESS ME said...

I thought I am the only one feeling INSANE in this world dealing with TWO MONSTERS... no offense BUT I DO ADORE MY BOYS!!! It seems that no matter what the rule is: NO here and there... it's always... YES to them both!

I tried to figure it out but of no luck! Anyone I encounter they always say to me... "THEY'RE BEING JUST BOYSS...! GRRR!!!

What am I complaining though? You've got 5 broods while I only have 2...??? Is there any relevance to the number?