Sunday, December 14, 2008

Sophia's First Birthday!

First we must placate the screeching creature so we can prepare the celabratory feast. Zach was on 'keep baby quiet duty' and it turned quickly to candy canes to keep her at a low roar.

Tradition has it we make ice cream. Sabrina was, uhm,.. 'helping' me unwrap 50 million candy canes to make peppermint icecream.

Then I make the world's ugliest cake. You can't go too wrong with a big round pink blob.

Then we screech 'Happy Birthday' and the baby tries to figure out what to do with the stick that is lit on fire - does mommy want me to touch it? And then not understand when mommy keeps batting the baby hand out of the way. So confusing.

Then the glorious tasting of more sugar than a human should possibly have when they are only 12 months on this earth!! Look how far we have come from the first babe, Jared, turned one and got a carrot cake sweetened with apple juice and made with whole wheat unbleached flour. I'm sorry Jared. You'll get over it.

Then the fire hose. We're green at this household and we go straight to the hand - no washclothes or paper towels needed!

Then to the booty!! No smarty comments about the fabulous wrapping I did with the gifts. The kid's one. She'll never remember.

Then the rabid present unwrapping. I don't know what awful song the boys sang when Brobee came out - but it must have been a doozy.

The awesome Disney Princess car that is almost as loud as Sophie.

Happy Birthday baby!

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Teri said...

I love your cake and your gift-wrapping too! Plus am laughing out loud at the contrast between your firstborn's cake and number five's.

Bethanie has that Princess-mobile (as we call it around here) too. I just can't bring myself to make John ride that pink thing, so I gotta get ANOTHER one (number 3!) for him.