Friday, August 20, 2010


I can't help myself. I'm just infatuated with the horrible state of eating in this country. Check out this recent Time magazine article. 27% of Americans are obese? We eat 220 lbs. per year of meat? 14% of Americans only eat the recommend five servings of fruits and vegetables per day?

Gads, people. Instead of wallowing in our access, why can't we be green about our eating? Maybe have that card-deck sized peice of chicken with dinner instead of a 16 oz. steak?

This and living overseas where people eat so many more grains, fruits and veggies really makes me be aware of eating behaviors I'm modeling for my children. Rice and beans are a complete protein. Quinoa, a fancy new popular seed, is also packed with protein. Avacodoes - probably one of nature's most perfect food, especially when combined with some garlic salt, my friend's chili sauce and accompanied by a crisp tortilla chip.

I'm not a perfect eater and my size is evident of that - I can stand to loose a good 20 el bees,.. and I'm trying, but I'm not going to give up beer to do it. I don't care if beer is a carb.

So, anyway, besides this whole crazy food problem this country has, and some of my friends taking me to task on my grocery bill, I'm going to try and lay it on the line. It's possible to eat healthily and not break the bank!

Okay - this week I spent more than usual since I bought brautwurst and homemade pretzel's at the local German deli and did some 'investment' shopping. I spent $30ish at the Deli, $29 at the local food coop and then $109 at the local grocer for the week.

Now, the Deli accounts for almost half my usual grocery bill spending - so that was a splurge! But worth it, lemme tell you.

The food coop - this week we took home the small box of organic fruits and veggies, some figs, a watermelon, and blueberries. I don't always go to the coop - this weekend, I'm too busy to even think about the hour it takes me to go there, pick up and come back, even if I save time by shopping online. And some weeks, the boxes (the cheapest way to get fresh produce) has stuff I don't care for - for example, I've never met a radish I liked.

And I don't always buy healthy. But then again, I don't think a box of Cocoa Puffs ever killed anyone. This week's investment shopping included the healthy stuff like grapes for $79/pound, cantelope each for $1 (good, since I had to bring a fruit platter to preschool), frozen veggies for 1.25 for a bag, no sugar kid's applesauce for lunches at 1.50 each (usually 2.99 each) - I bought 6 of them - Progresso Minestrone soups (again, 6 cans) at .49 instead of the usual $2.49 (and trust me, we won't be eating these anytime soon in this 100 degree weather), but the other stuff - Cookie Crisp cereal for .99 and Lucky Charms for 1.99 instead of the usual 3.99. Keebler chips cookies for 1.49 instead of the usual 4.49. Yogurts - Danimals, Fiber One and YoPlus - all 4 counts for only $1.00 each. And totally gross? Fruit Gushers becaue they were only .24 each (Instead of the usual 2.99) and while the kids love the things, I can't stand them. I can't say the same for the M&M's I bought (buy two, get one free) for "cooking purposes." Yeah, right. I got FiberOne Bars for free. Groceries that should have cost me $233 were only $109. And so it goes.

I did buy milk, but no meat this week. Because we are in football season we have the forced luxury of slow cooked meals - which means purchasing that less expensive cut of meat that needs to be simmered forever to make it gnawable - stews, roasts, pulled porks and the like. Chicken soup with only two chicken breasts. (note to self - stop using whole wheat pasta - it doesn't hold up. No wonder my smart Grandma only used egg noodles.).

I bought a $10 waffle maker at Target and make waffles most every morning. I do splurge on real maple syrup. Instead of the fake stuff made in a lab, the real stuff has good benefits for you. Which I didn't appreciate as a kid spending time at my Grandparent's house and their 100s of acres of maple trees,.. I was sick of that maple flavor for a long time. Now, what I'd give for a handpacked box of that syrup! Honey, too is a good deal - a spoonful for kids who are coughing; as a sweetener for other times.

I hope this starts a discussion - I'm so interested in others' successes with grocery shopping and feeding families. Please share!

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