Friday, August 13, 2010

You Are Where You Live

I love it when work and life meet once in a while - it makes me feel less schizo and more like I'm trekking down some sort of good path. This is one example - using maps and data for a more healthy lifestyle. It has a lot to do with where you live and you'll find interesting tools here to help - everything from access to pollen count information, to skin cancer ratings to what lovely toxins you are inhaling in your morning walk.
When I first moved to sunny SoCal, having the air rating as part of the weather was rather odd to me. And the fact that many days were rated 'dangerous' and you should lock yourself indoors and not exert yourself when outdoors, was shocking. Weeks would go by when I was afraid to walk to the mailbox.
These days I'm resigned and have inherited the motto from the Stella Beer company in Cairo, Egypt: 'That Which Does Not Kill You, Makes You Stronger,.."

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