Thursday, August 19, 2010

Virtual Book Tour!

So, I've done something distinctly terrifying and signed up for a virtual book tour! Check it out - I'm actually listed, which means I have a deadline, which means I have to actually do something. Like read. Spruce this place up. We'll be having visitors, ya'll. I might have to spell check every now and again. Link to more recent stuff I've written. Clean the dead links off my sidebar. Maybe put on a new template (does this one make me look fat?)

I haven't read the book yet, it's not out yet. I'm getting it unbound in the mail from the publisher. I'm excited. As you should know, I'm a big fan of others who write in this type of book - Father Edward Beck and his buddy Anne Lamott.

But really - do you think the powers that be at Catholic Blogger have actually read my blog? Because I'm feeling a little insecure in my current company,...

Well, here's to being Catholic realist! Cheers to my blog!

1 comment:

Julie Cragon said...

Well all that looks very interesting. Brought me to some new blogs. Hope it goes well and you get many new readers.