Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Shop and Eat Locally

This is turning into a foodfest, eh?

I finally had the chance to watch the movie Food, Inc. that everyone is raving about. I've read both the authors who were interviewed and love both their books. I truly believe in eating fresh, simple ingredients for healthier living. I've felt this way a long time, maybe it's because of the different countries I've lived in. I did indulge in my $7.00/box poptarts once in a while in Egypt, but sustained myself and my family by making friends with and shopping at the local markets. (so much so, in fact that when my parents came to visit, the fruit and vegetable man - who has a donkey cart and sits outside on the pavement next to the small grocery - took my dad aside and told him not to worry, he thought of me as his own daughter.) I learned to cook rice pilaf, koshari, and sheshtawak, although not very well.

One thing that was fascinating to me in the movie (as a marketing person, I know, shame on me,..) was watching the segment on Walmart in the film. Then I was having a conversation with my friends on the food issue and we debated Walmart's motives in the whole organic market. My friend commented she doesn't trust the commercial giant. I've been thinking about that a lot lately - didn't Walmart specify that they were invested in organic, that their milk was hormone free, and the Stonybrook yogurt guy loves them? And don't I just love the guy on the Walmart commercial who is always dropping prices for me?

Then, as I'm furiously preparing my Sunday shopping list (yes, I know it's Tuesday) I run across this blog from my very favorite Grocery Game. Lesson? No matter what it entails - finances, your children's education, your health, your food - you are the only person who cares as much as you do. Take control. I don't shop at Walmart - further away than my two local grocers and I really only have time to choose the one with the best deals of the week - the horrible lack of service, although I was considering it. Now I'm happy to see that it looks like I've made a good decision and stick with my plan. After careful consideration, of course.

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