Monday, April 28, 2008

We Have Roll Over!

Yes, Sophia rolled over today. I didn't actually witness the miraculous event because I was frantically emailing while she was happily trying to eat her activity spider that was dangling precariously above her on the baby gym. I heard some angry roars that I tried to ignore as I was pushing lots of 'send' buttons. When I got to her she had shifted about 180degrees and was on her tummy. Yowza!

Maybe that's why she's back on newborn hours at night. Last night she woke up every hour. I think partly she can't breathe because of a cold, but other than that, spoiled rotten is the diagnosis. We ignored a few of her pleas out of sheer exhaustion and the knowledge that she wouldn't start to death if she didn't eat something every hour.

Well, she's screaching once again. Gotta go. Maybe when she's five I can write more than a couple of paragraphs and maybe even proof read before I publish my posts.

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