Thursday, February 19, 2009

Are They All Yours?

I hate to bump the ol' leprechaun testicles down, but this is a great article about large families.

I'm over the whole freaked out to go into public with my five kids. It took me a year, however. The looks in the department store, the man yelling at me in Disneyland, "#&$)*! Are they all yours?" The airport security personnel giving Hubby the high five. The stewardesses commenting on how lovely all our children are - AFTER the flight where they all behaved. Would it have been the same if the boys were fighting the whole time and the girls threw temper tantrums? I don't think so.

We were at McDonald's the other night for McTeacher night - a fund raiser for the boys' school. It was McChaos, lemme tell you. Watching your teacher sling hamburgers and bus tables is a popular activity with the K-6 grade set. As I sat at a table built for three with six people at it, baby on my lap, boys sharing a seat, the B on Hubby's lap, amid major noise and bodies in the restaurant, a teacher stopped and said to me, "You look so calm!" Honey, it was nothin' compared to the rigamoral of my daily existance, usually with one additional child per my child in or hanging (literally, we have a fun tree and a wooden fence that just must be scaled) at my house.

So, liked the article. Esp. for you crazies out there who like a swarm.


GUESS ME said...
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GUESS ME said...

But hey! Look at the brighter side though. When all the kids are grown-up, moved out, and have their own lives, I’d say you’ll miss the chaotic life and yet filled with memories.

I can almost imagine when you guys finally have your family reunions at Christmas, NYE, Thanksgiving, Easter, Mother’s Day,Father's Day, and lots of birthday party’s left and right!

And yeah... you can say: 'YES! They're all MINE.'

Count me in- I would L-O-V-E to be in it! LOL!