Sunday, February 15, 2009

Be My Bloody Valentine

And I mean that in the British sense, darnit!

Valentine's Day is fun when you are a kid, stressful when you are a single adult and a pretty much forgotten holiday when you are married with children.

What does Valentine's Day look like when you have five kids? First, you get a little me time by insisting on taking the car to the car wash ALONE. I made it a spa date by stopping by Starbucks and buying a trashy magazine when I picked up snacks for the 12 year old's basketball game.

Nothing like treating yourself to a clean car. In my case, a biohazard-free car. It hadn't been cleaned accept for periodic trash dumping since our voyage to Washington back at Christmastime. Scary, I know. I was silently screaming inside the whole time last Monday when our realtor came along in my car to look at a few houses. She hasn't called since then; I'm trying not to take it personally.

Call me spoiled, but I'm telling you, a thorough wash, vaccuum and wipedown of the interior of the Suburban is so worth that $20, and there is no way I could do it in less than an afternoon (what with all the juice, diaper changing, lunchbreaking, read-a-book-to-me-now, make sure the baby doesn't kill herselfing that would have entailed). I'll take the handcar wash over the manicure any day.

Then, three basketball games that took us through til the early evening. Hotdogs and fruit salad for kids. Bath and bedtime for the babies. The B was sick AGAIN, with a fever, so she was easy to put to bed. Nothing like a feverish child to make your life a little more relaxing for a few hours.

Then, grown up dinner. I rely on Trader Joe's to make sure I have a good time. There is nothing like yummy, already-made-for-you food for a working mom who is trying to have a relaxing dinner. I am a big proponent for the ol' heat and eat when appropriate. We bought a case of our fav champagne on sale a while back and broke out a bottle. I had to wipe the dish soap bubbles off my hands in order to do my toast. (can't be in a romantic mood if you KNOW there are stale hotdog dishes in the sink.) Told the boys the kitchen was a NO KID ZONE and threatened to 'make out' if they invaded. Checked the TV viewing through out the evening, making them turn off COPS and find something a little more appropriate for the 7 through 12 age set. And no, big 12 year old, your justification of 'I want to be a cop when I grow up, so I'm doing research, ...' doesn't fly with me.

Dispatched kids to bed and hubby and I settled in for a movie. We watched 'Blindness' which was disturbing, unrealistic, and a little thrilling. I was in a horror movie mood, what with the day before being Friday the 13th and all. No, we didn't go to see the movie of the same name, although, from the sounds of it, every other kid and teacher at the boys' school went. I know that isn't true, but a least a couple of teachers were talking to the 6th graders about going to the movie, which is an R-rating. I don't really find that appropriate. I kind of want my kids to strive for a little more in life. I don't know if these teachers are trying to be cool in the kids' eyes or what, but I find it disconcerting and a little pathetic. Besides all the 6th graders who going to the movie that night or right after school. Shame on you parents for thinking that is an acceptable way for your 12 year olds to spend two hours of their day; watching sex and blood and torture in life size proportions.

Okay, enough of my rant. I love a good yucky film, and I can't wait until my kids are old enough to watch them too, but that isn't happening for a while yet.

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