Monday, February 16, 2009

The Family Picture - Uncensored

"Okay, everyone, Grandma wants a picture before we get on the plane back to SoCal. "

"Okay, I've wrastled three of the grandkids, quick! Grab the rest!"

"Aha! Got another one!"

"Here's another one,.. what?!? There's more?!?! When do they stop?"

Wait for it,..

Wait for it,...
National Geographic photographers have nothing on me. Photo of seven grandchildren in a busy airport, or clicking pics of lions from a blind in the savannah - they each have their challenges.
Don't you wonder what we did before digital photos?

1 comment:

Teri said...

LOVE it! I agree. With our skills with kids, we match talents with all sorts of occupations. Never thought about National Geographic photographer - but how true.
Glad you got a good shot in the end.