Wednesday, February 18, 2009

The Ol' Leprechaun Bait and Switch

So, you know why they make magazines for kids and then magazines for grown-up people? Because it's necessary, that's why. The trouble comes in when the magazine is for the grown up, but about the kid and the grown up, let's pretend, me (because I'm just that loony), decides to share funny/interesting/informative articles with said kid.

I thought it would be cute to show the 12 year old the Family Fun magazine with the Leprauchan traps. What a fun idea, I thought! To pretend to try and catch that pesky ol' Leprechaun as he trollops around the house leaving gold coins and making a mess for all the wee babes.

So, I showed it to the 12 year old. Who showed it to the 9 year old. And then they started thinking of all the things that would happen if they caught this leprechaun. Like, in the old world, traps are set to capture edible delicacies, so what would a leprechaun taste like? And would they have to eat every part of the leprechaun? Which, of course, led to the question of whether leprechauns have testicles, and did you know, Mom, that some tribes in Africa eat EVERY part of the animal they kill, including the testicles. Therefore, they would have to eat the leprechaun testicles.

What does all that above paragraph mean? It means that the boys have been watching WAAAAAAY too much of that psychopath SurvivorMan and his BFF Bear Grylls (Man V. Wild). Gads. Where's that channel changer?

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Teri said...

Gads is right! (But I'm laughing my head off.)
Yeah, Bear Grylls is a character. And I guess I'd rather he influence my sons toward eating animal testicles for survival than some parent inviting all the boys to Hooters for a birthday party!!! I learn so much on your blog!