Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Easter Recap

Letter to the Easter Bunny:

Dear Easter Bunny,
Happy Easter! We woudl like a picture of you again this year. Why do you go to houses without being seen? Could you ever set off an alarm and go to jail? Has anyone ever seen you before? Where do you live? How do you know where we live all the time? I know it's a lot of questions, but I would like it if you answered them all.

Jared, Zach, Kyle

ps. Wake us up when you come.

Letter from the Easter Bunny:

Hoppity, hop, hop, hop! Happy Easter Richardson family! It's good to see you back in the U.S.! I hope that you're happy to be back! Hop, hop, hop! So you have a few questions, well, it's better that I'm not seen because it would take me a year to get to all the houses because everyone would wnat to talk, have a snack, take picture, and so on. I'm so fast that alarm sensors don't pick me up. No one has ever seen me, but, I shouldn't tell you this, but your dad came real close once, but I hopped out of sight just in time! Hop, hop, hop! I live in a secret place that nobody knows about. I know where everyone lives becasue that's my job. Well, you guys have a fun Easter and I'll see you again next year!



Another successful Easter! By the skin of our teeth, I tell ya. Thank goodness our friend Jim suggested a picnic; the boys looved it. I brought the ham and everyone brought too much to eat again as usual. Everyone else in the area had the same idea, so Forrest Falls, where we wanted to go, was packed. We found the last picnic table at an area on the way up the hill and hunkered down for the afternoon. It was awesome and even better when my friend Beth broke out the Christmas paper plates for Easter dinner. Makes me feel so much better that we didn't even color eggs until Easter morning. I had left eggs boiling on the stove the night before and forgot about them as I went to the store. Came back to cracked eggs and the house smelling 'eggy'. Lovely. They are edible, if not a little green around the yolks.

That crazy rabbit hid what seemed like hundreds of eggs around the house and the kids had a great time hunting. They were up from 5:30 a.m. Thankfully, Jared is a stickler for the rules and wouldn't let anyone peek until 7.

Unfortunately, I developed pink eye throughout the day. Thankfully I could wear dark glasses all day long. No one saw franken-face until we got home. Hubby had to come home early on Monday so I could hightail it to the doctor for medication. I would rather loose an eye ball than drag five kids to the doctor.

My most horrible thought was that I would have BOTH eyes swollen shut, red and weepy while my kids went wild on spring break and I woudn't be able to see any of it. Even the eyes in the back of my head seem to be infected.

All is better now, although I'm not gyming it or going to work. No reason to infect anyone who's last name isn't Richardson.

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