Tuesday, March 25, 2008

More Easter Babies

Kyle sampling the easter booty.

Zach post egg hunt, wearing his HALLOWEEN shirt, how very appropriate for Easter. This is what I get for whining at kids who had toothpaste on their shirts, were wearing the sweatpants from their night's slumber,.. "you look like orphans!" I yelled. "Go change!" But alas, I did not specify "don't wear your halloween shirt, no matter how cool you think it is.

Sophie. Maybe next year we'll unleash her with the other locusts who grabbed 5,000 eggs in about 15 seconds flat. I kid you not.

Post egg hunt fun at the park on the walk home.

Oh no pictures of Jared? Oh yeah, he's TOO OLD to take part in the Easter egg hunt,.. can you believe I have a kid who is too old for community park easter egg hunts and eating off of some restaurants' kids' menus? Egads.

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