Monday, March 17, 2008

Happy St. Paddy's Day!

This was going to be a realy cute picture of all the kids in their green to celebrate St. Patrick's Day. I was going to do it even though Sabrina took a tumble at Jared's baseball scrimmage on Thursday and still has a scab on her cheek. Then Jared woke up with a swollen eye. I debated taking the picture anyway, but thought I'd better call the doctor now to get in sometime today. And getting a human being to answer on the appointment line on a Monday at the clinic takes a loooong time. Then I had to clean the bathroom floor because someone - who shall remain nameless - peed on the floor. Right in front of the toilet. Why? 'Because I REALLY had to go." A teeny weeny half a second more and the kid could have made it into the bowl. So, there went my time before walking the kindergartner to class.
Happy St Patrick's Day anyway. Please have a green beer for me.

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