Thursday, March 20, 2008

The good news is,..

Sabrina is potty training. The bad news is, Sabrina is potty training.

Not necessarily bad news, but there is nothing like the time suck of a two year old who is fascinated with the whole bathroom business. She'll be out of diapers in no time, with no thanks to her parents, who try to ignore her pleas in the middle of dinner, when the baby is screaming, when in the middle of an important job,.. we sound like horrible people, eh? She's doing great.

I have reached a new milestone in my life - I rejoined a gym. Yes, me, the quintessential gym class rat is back in the game. Yesterday I dropped of the girls and they survived an hour in the gym day care center. I walked in with another mother of five - who was only 26! And of course perfect in everyway.

Monday I had escaped in the evening and did a half hour Killer Abs workout, which worked, my abs are absolutely killing me. And then an hours worth of jumping around and swinging around a long bar with weights on it. Yesterday was 'sculpting.' I honestly can't breathe without pain today, but it feels nice is a masochistic kind of way.

Babe is awake (when isn't she?!?) Gotta run,...

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