Wednesday, June 4, 2008

A Baseball Fairytale

So,.. just got back from the 8 year old's first play off game. They've had a great team all season and really fun yet serious coaches. The 8 year old has had a time of it trying to hit the ball. One game the coach made him a designated runner just so I could see him run the bases. (nice of him.) Another one of the team's coaches spent some extra time helping him hit. Then we went to Vegas, where the magic uncle gave him pointers (and his older brother too, who refuses to listen to his own dad, but his dad's brother,.. okay.)

Well, this game, 8 year old went 3 for 4: two doubles, a single, and a strikeout. Then, the game goes into extra innings! Who lands the winning run? 8 YEAR OLD!!!!! Yay!

I was a proud mother when this evening we came home and he told me things like, "It wasn't really me, it was Bryce who hit me in. He deserves the game ball." and "It was really my coach who won - he helped teach me to hit." And all that sort of stuff that makes us mommies swoon.

Just as I was settling in with a nice warm glow on my heart, hubby came down from tucking in the tired boys. 8 year old told him after his good nights that "If it weren't for me, we would have lost."

All is right in the universe again.

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