Wednesday, June 4, 2008

The Terrible Twos - Not Just An Urban Legend

Don't let that sunshiney smile fool you - we are in full blown Category 5 Terrible Twos. How do I know this? The whining that happens every five minutes like an airhorn. So I feel like this most of the day:

Apart from the airhorn whininess, she is on the toddler diet which consists of picking the raisins and M&Ms out of the trail mix to eat, and feeing the nuts to the dog. Which let me tell you, dogs are not equipped to eat nuts; they do not live in trees like squirrels, nuts make him STINK. Yucky. I'd rather swoop in and eat the nuts, diet be damned, than smell that dog all day. I can't help but let her eat M&Ms all day, as this is how we are learning our colors and there is nothing cuter than hearing her ask me "What colerzzz DAT?" all day long. Heart be still.

The other food group? "Hot cha cha." If mommy doesn't feel like making it tepid in the microwave? "Cha cha milky." If she's pretending to be mommy? "Hot fwappy." Yes, she'll develop type I diabetes, but be oh so cute doing it.

Okay, is it my imagination, or is there a little resemblance? I'm just saying,...

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