Thursday, June 19, 2008


Well, I know it' s obnoxious, but how many times do you really get to say in your life time? Plus anytime you can channel Freddie Mercury is a good thing.

Whadda week. The big news tonight and the Freddie picture is because Jared's Majors baseball team the Red Sox won the Yucaipa Little League tournament UNDEFEATED. They played great games. What a talented buncha kids, all those teams. Jared had some great plays - he ran, yes RAN and got an out by tagging the runner was doing a pickle thing between 2nd and 3rd.

Then, he hit a base hit off his friend, also named Jared, who was pitching. (He'd been stressing about that all day.) He got a runner in and finally, top of the 6th inning, they got 4 runs to the Twins 3, and WON! The championship! Undefeated!

On to the other children who I also love dearly - Zach had his trophie/pizza party on Wednesday. He is the one in the household sulking that he can't play baseball anymore since the were eliminated from their division in the playoffs (they did great!) His coach is putting the team in another tournament this July and when Zach found out we wouldn't be there, he actually asked to be left behind so he could play baseball. Yes, it's true; he's chosen baseball over grandmas. But as the sane mother, I am forcing him into the Suburban at 4 am Tuesday morning to drive up to Washington. He'll thank me later.

All the boys graduated and have been promoted up a grade. Yay. For me. For hanging in there and making them do their homework. For the most part, anyway.

To celebrate the close of the schoolyear, hubby and I took the boys to Pole Position - a go cart place about 30 miles from here on Tuesday. That was the only day we could fit it into our busy social calendar. Gag. The boys couldn't believe their eyes when I pulled that big ol' car into the parking lot of the coveted 'must-be-heaven-on-earth' go cart place. Because they know how much I despise all things smelling of mucho testosterone. So they know how much I love them because I took them there. They actually got to race in some sort of racing event, where they had a qualifying race and then the actual race. Jared even scored a gold medal for being 1st in his division. It was hilarious. Zach and Jared battled the entire time, while Kyle took up the bottom of the bunch with stylish no-hands -on -the -steering-wheel and thumbs up, and waving and all that. It's all about how ya look.

The B? She's fine. Nothing a green-frosted cupcake won't cure. Don't worry. She'll get hers when her big brothers have to attend all her pink tutued dance recitals.

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