Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Washington or Bust

"Help Me" written by 11 1/2 year old with gnawed pretzels trapped in car with mother, grandmother, and four of his siblings. You can probably empathize, no?

Highlights so far, as we are 2/3rds of our way to grandma's house, stopping at the glamorous Ramada Inn in Medford, Oregon.

Left only 8 minutes late at 4:38 am in the morning on Tuesday to begin this kidventure.

I CAN NOT find my car keys, nor my sanity. I've had to borrow hubby's. Car keys that is. I've got to change my profile, as I seem to really becoming that key loosing freak.

It's a kidcation - swimming pools, parks, Chuck E. Cheese and Dairy Queen top the list of stops so far. Tomorrow is a science museum. No microbreweries, outlet malls or spas in sight.

The B told the kind man who was admiring her at the hotel that her name was 'Corndog.'

The TripTik from AAA that Hubby printed out for me with turn-by-turn directions (yes, I'm that spatially unaware, even with a degree in geography AND working at a mapping sofware company. I couldn't find my way out of a paper bag with a Thomas Guide, if you know what I mean.) doesn't have the name of the hotels we are staying at, just the address. So it's a hotel scavenger hunt to see which dive motel he has reserved for his valuable family each night. '2250 Boggle Road? Is it the Shilo Inn? The Motel Six? Oh! The Ramada!

I'm sure my mother (the grandmother in this adventure) will never speak to me again after 3 days in a car with her progeny. THANK YOU GRANDMA!

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