Thursday, June 12, 2008

It's All About Kyle

Well, it's been a banner week for the little Kindergartner-almost-first-grader!

We had his first ever awards banquet for t-ball! Yes, he's attended about 30,000 awards banquets in his short life, seen millions of glittering sports trophies, but never once has one of those coveted pieces of plastic been his to hold, cherish, stick in his room on his shelf next to his coveted toy airplanes and nerf gun bullets. Until now.

Since he's the third kid, we of course forgot the camera. So we made him pose outside the house for his paparazzi shots.

Nice, eh? The coaches had all sorts of wonderful things to say about him - he is quite the serious little sports player, having grown up with cul-de-sac neighborhood wiffleball and battling older neighbor boys and his brothers who are nothing if not the least protective of him on the field. He's in it to win, baby. And after every t-ball game, he'd ask his coaches if they'd won the game or not. To which the various coaches would respond, "We tied for first." So, this season was a great one to start out with, as the Yucaipa Twins 'tied for first.'

Then, off to his end-of-year Kindergarten picnic, where all four of the morning K classes and their parents fought for the small shady patches in the grassy quad and ate dinner in the hot California sun. Actually it was pleasant with a nice breeze that cooled everyone down and chased away the bugs.

The concert was excellent and I think Kyle's body language just says it all, eh? (If you're not sure where he is, he's the one in the red t-shirt at the end with the sunken shoulders looking like he's next in line for the gallows.)

The kids broke into song with all sorts of favorits, like "I'm a little Teapot"

"If You're Happy and You Know It"

And others that the B was shocked that anyone else but her knew and very loudly, in language only she could understand, stood up and shouted a talking-to to those kids up on the stage about how they should not be singinger HER songs. It was really funny. Except for the 200 parents turning around to see who was making all the racket.

I think this is where Kyle's gasket blew and he finally refused anymore pantomiming or mouthing of words for the rest of the performance:

Then we all participated in the world's longest version of the Chicken Dance, called it a success and walked home.

Yay Kyle!

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